Joss Stone at The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival March, 2013

(c) Brian Sergio

Hey guys!

First of all: I wanted to welcome the new followers and say hello to the ones from before; i hope you guys are liking the stuff you see here in the blog. And if you have any suggestions or anything about not only the gifs, but the blog as well: make sure to tell me ‘bout it.

Also, I’m very happy to see your questions/coments in my askbox! I’ll answer them when i get to post more gifs, to try to keep the blog… organized (? haha). Thank you all!

EDIT (May 29th): Oh. my. goodness. First of all, I’m really sorry for having posted that I’d update soon and not doing as promised. Since then, I had lots of ~ technical ~ problems here, and life unexpectedly kept me from making new gifs (because of other kind of problems).

However, things are better now and I’m so glad and grateful that you guys kept following me and for the newer ones also following in spite of this blog’s delayed updates.

BUT I will continue to update this blog, it just might take some time between a post or another. As soon as make new gifs, I’ll give you a heads up - a few hours before, this time - when i’m sure if i’ll be able to post them.

Again: thank you all so much!


- Why another soul album?
- Why not? (x)

ensnacka asked:
"All your gifs are beeaauutiful! <3"

Aww, thank you!!
i’m glad you liked them! *-*